Tuesday, February 17, 2009


  1. Dear Julie,
    I was at dinner with Natalie the other night when she was sharing a bit of your story. She later e-mailed me the link to your blog.
    You dont' KNOW me, I am a friend of Natalie and Kevin - but do KNOW that I send you sincerest intentions for healing energy to surround you. Your inner and outer beauty clearly radiate. Your strangth is amazing. Keep that light of your true soul beaming...
    Namaste, Amy Gardner (WI)

  2. Dear Julie,

    You don't know me either. I'm a friend of Joe's. The Buddhist look is stunning. Sending prayers for Healing.

    Many Blessings,

  3. You look awesome! Ya know how when women see young girls with really curly hair and they always go... "Women pay a whole lot of money to get their hair to look just like yours!" smile, smile, titter titter. Sarah Turner and all of her aunts come to mind. And as a young girl you just look at them and go ... shut up. Well, at the risk of being as ridiculous as that ... you look like an interplanetary queen in a Star Trek segment. Powerful, all knowing, fearless, core beauty. Stay on your quest for spreading knowledge about cervical cancer, Julie. Do you know that we had an Aunt Margaret who died of "female problems"? They didn't know what it actually was, just like you say about Evita. Your mom, Sue and I all have varying versions of snippets from what we'd heard during our formative years. I know I recall hearing my mother say the words cervical cancer. I had no idea at the time what any of that meant. I had never even met Aunt Margaret. She was as much a mystery to me as cervical cancer, but I know I heard those words. Much later, I asked our Aunt Ernestine. Her response was more like a child of the time. "They didn't know what it was .... they just said 'in her female parts'". I was amazed at her acceptance of such bullshit even after all the long years since her sister's sudden and seemingly unexplained death.
    The world of medicine has come a long, long way. You're right. But so have people. Stay on your soap box. It's an important one. I thank you for my daughters' sake and for all the daughters to come.
    You are the purple flower. This is your time of dormancy; shrinking back from the cold of cancer, but your roots are alive and strong and ready for the warmth of spring to melt the cancer and sprout new life giving cells.
    Your appreciation of all things great and small continues to inspire. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and strength.
    You little purple flower, you. Much love, Julie and light, light, light ... Nancy

  4. jules

    those purple flowers are called cyclamen. They are one of the national israeli flowers and it is illegal in israel to pick them. when i was young, i used to come across huge meadowns of them and it took all my restraint to never pick a single one. (it also strongly re-inforced some cosmological zionist ideas) ..... over the last couple weeks, i've often walked to that spot and thought back to that day... in general it has been such a pleasure working in you back yard because it is such a magical spot. i see you spirit in it!
    i love julie the star trek queen buddhist! see you soon....

  5. Julie,
    I cannot stop looking at your picture. You are truly beautiful. Every day someone new tells me they are obsessively following your story. Many, many of them have not met you but are in awe, IN AWE, of your determination and grace. Stay positive and strong and be well, please. I cannot wait to see your face next week.
    xoxo Ang

  6. You put Sinead to shame, you gorgeous thing, you.