Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Blood

Doc says blood counts look "great." Able to start another round of chemO tomorrow or Thursday.  This is good news.


  1. YAYYY!!! GOOD BLOOD!! See how powerful you are? I knew you'd get those white blood cells and platelets back on board! Bring on the chemO. I read a whole bunch of stuff about breathing for strength, etc. Have you seen all that through yoga? Some pretty interesting things to do while hanging out with IV's. Just a thought. Sending you all the strength the universe has to offer. Transmute the tumor... off it goes... I love you, Jules, Nancy

  2. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! sending loads of love your way, jules

  3. I've just had (for the first time) a few minutes to sit down and read your blog, your story...Meeting you yesterday for a brief moment, I felt compelled to know more - as you were such a bright spot in the room.
    I feel humbled I was able (through the kindness of your cousin) to provide nourishment for you today. Know that I did put the "love" into the food - especially that vegan gumbo! :) (I might have to make some of that for myself, lol!)

    Big Hugs, and whenever I get a chance, I'm going to check in on you! ~ Chef Heather Mader, BLack Radish Personal Chef

  4. Julie,
    I've been working on some chemo jams for you, too. I won't make this round, but you'll have them for the next!
    love you to pieces

  5. thats great Julietta! What a great walk on Sunday. Church this sunday????