Sunday, March 22, 2009


  1. Julie, This is Sara's mom,Judy. I love your courage and fiestiness. You are also an inspiration to your friends. I think of you daily and send love and encouragement your way. I hope you know that you are loved and needed by your family and friends. Go for it! Go Hawaii! Love, Judy Purtell

  2. I think you should think of this as a track event. Do you remember what a great hurdler you were at BCHS? The 1st hurdle was easy but as the race went on each one became more difficult. And in the end you ALWAYS won the race!! I love you Mom... and to Judy Purtell... who knew that her same fiestiness in high school would turn out to be such a good thing now?

  3. Dear Julie,
    You continue to be an inspiration. Your spirit, your determination, your beautiful are a fighter and in our minds a winner.
    Your trip to Hawaii sounds wonderful! Just think, you will not have to "visualize" as you will actually be there! Enjoy the warmth, the blue water and all the other amenities that will surely help to heal your mind body and spirit.
    Wishing you lots of sunshine and safe travel.
    Love, Sandy and Hayes

  4. Remember Julie ... under every coconut, every warm island breeze ... mold and fungus lurk ... waiting for innocent, new blood. Beware the orange fungus! aaaaaaaahhhahhgggggggg!!!!.........

    Sorry.... I hope you have the most relaxing, stress free, unhampered, dream world vacation imaginable. Enjoy every minute of peace. Safe journey to you, love, Nancy

  5. I can spy ACS cancer lit from a mile away. I hope that you are soon reading fiction on the beach in Hawaii.