Thursday, March 5, 2009


So after two rounds of chemO and a 10 day stint of RadiAtion, I've gone and gotten scanned.  The  results are basically what we expected.  The scan is a bit hard to read because of all of the inflammation from the radiAtion, but it looks as though there are some areas of regression.  This is Super, but also another little "nodule" decided to place itself in my lower left lung and this is not so Super.  It is about the size of the tip of my thumb.

This might sound like discouraging news, but in fact I feel a bit more encouraged.  I knew going into this that the tried and true chemO regimens were iffy for my type of cancer and it's stage.  Now that we have tried the Tried and True, we can move on to either a newer chemO drug or a newer type of treatment - like immunotherapy.  Or a combination of the two.  Because the chemO we tried isn't working exactly the way we want it too, we can now search for the treatment that will.  Basically - to qualify for the new stuff, you have to try the old stuff first.

There  is a small part of me that is screaming and yelling and saying can't someone just rip this stuff out of me and chuck it in the garbage?  Can't I just throw up and have it come out?  But I have to keep going.  I have to drink my vegetables and eat my vitamins.  I have to watch Scott and Thandi finish the sauna.  I have to help Luka learn to jump rope.

So here I go.

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  1. Julie, your resolve is, as always, unshakable. Of all your visualizations, I think I like picturing a sauna best! There's lots to do, and you will do it all. Your logic and acceptance are matched only by your tenacity to keep at it till it's gone! You've given us all so many images ... if you get tired, we can keep it up. "Pop, pop, pop"... and the Atari lasar weapons,(I missed the whole early video game era, so don't know that one), and, of course, the always popular midieval battle scene.
    Please rest and let yourself rejuvenate when tired, then get that jump ropin spirit back into enjoying the moment. Has Luka tried a Hula hoop?
    We will be in Seattle starting Aug. 13 for a week. We intend to see you in Portland unless you're in WI that week. Another image ... "The Day the Boymers Came to Visit" ... it has potential to really shake things up!
    I love you and continue to send healing prayers, and energy in every thought of you. There are many ... I know it's hard, but please stay with it, Julie, Love, Nancy