Tuesday, July 28, 2009


  1. That's such a great photo. Is it one of yours?

  2. photo i took of my glmorous frieng hannah at my last summer pool party for thandi's birthday.

  3. Julie,
    For a minute I thought that was an old picture of mom. Doesn't it kind of look like it could be her? It is a beautiful photo and I am so glad you got a chance to take it.
    I love you,

  4. You are famous! I just read about you in my issue of women cancer magazine. When I saw your blog name I knew it was you. What a great article. You should be very proud. LIVESTRONG!

  5. Julie, I loved talking to you so much at the pool party, and wish i could express how honored I feel to have made it on to your amazing blog. Cliche cliche, but true true: I have been thinking about you every day since then, and wanted to make sure you knew I LOVE this photo, and I am a big ham.. So, should you need a poser, I am waiting for my close-up.

  6. Angie!

    I thought the same thing! I must have looked at the picture for a solid 10 minutes trying to figure who it was. Your mom and sister and you are even more beautiful.

    Aunt Theresa

  7. Julie,

    Awesome photo of the bathing beauty...you know what I keep finding myself thinking about? One of the photos I took of Luka,Willow and Violet together. I'm sure I sent it to you. It was the one of them sitting in those little chairs that were directly in front of the ones we were sitting in at their dance performance. It's crazy but I find myself obsessing on the fact that I wished that you, Randie and I would have taken their places in those little chairs and struck the same pose while someone, anyone took our pic together...a mother daughter friend thing, isn't that pretty silly?

    I can go ocd about the weirdest things...some of the pics I took of the girls in my front yard on the swing would have been a fun trio one for us to do too. Another time huh?

    I'm glad I got a few pics of you and Randie together that day at the performance when I was trying to figure out why my camera was taking such dark shots, ugh...remember I was using you guys as my test subjects? Even still, they turned out pretty good. Then you, bless your heart, messed around with my camera a bit trying to get it to work right? I have such random thoughts...wish we had taken a pic together.

    I'm missing you.

    xo Melissa