Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Things People Do

They play Uno with my 5 year old daughter.  They send gift cards for the local organic grocery from across the country.  They send me emails.  When I don't respond, they email me again. They clean my kitchen and bathroom cabinets(!), carefully fix my screen door, and tidy up my front stoop.  They make me soup and bring it over in jars with embroidered tops and labels like "love soup."  They put me on prayer lists.  They give me cards to read for my plane ride. They move from law school in  St. Louis to be a visiting student at the local law school.  They come over and make me juice.  They add beets to the juice.  And cucumbers.  They collaborate and give me gift cards to steam saunas.  They call me.  When I don't call back, they call me again.   They bring me prayer shawls.  They encourage me to keep writing.  They send me funny cards and pictures.  They tell me stories of themselves, people they know, people with strength who have been through this, beat this, lived to tell.  They give me magazines.   They send necklaces that say "believe in miracles."  They come over and hang new lime green curtains in Luka's room and then spend hours helping me organize her ten million things.  They give me pretty earrings from Hawaii.  They make me jars of food like brown rice and beans and then black beans and quinoa, and  label each jar with the date and a little red heart.  They give me flowers.  They arrange playtimes and carpools.  They work extra hours at the record shop.  They make me special olive oil.  They wash my dishes and juicer and get up in the morning with Luka.  They send me special healing rocks and pixie dust.  They send me prayers.  And strength and energy.  They make a family dinner vegan.  They remind me when to go to yoga class.   

These are just some of the things people do and I am more amazed every day.  Thank you to my peeps.

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